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Mind, Body, Soul, The Whole You!!!!

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, gave me the vision in 2006 to began an outreach ministry for women. Jesus started to reveal to me in order for me to be THE WHOLE YOU, it would take me going through a process of brokeness. This process would be one many werent willing to go through in order to be made whole. We are puzzles having many pieces that make up our puzzle. This Ministry was birthed to help other women go through the process of becoming THE WHOLE YOU.

Jesus showed me what my life would be if i chose not to go through the process. That process required me to take a look at my puzzle. There were pieces within my puzzle that needed to be removed.Those pieces were controlling my life as well as others. The process consisted of steps that i must be taken in order to give back those pieces that did not belong to me. Pieces, of unforgiveness, hurt, disappointment, grief, depression, stress, pride, selffishness, self righteousness, temper and judgemental all were in pieces in my puzzle. 

The first step was renewing my mind, that my thoughts had to change. The next step was my body, if the thoughts were not controlled it would bring sickness and diseases within the body. That our body is the temple and must taken care of. The last step was the soul. The soul can become wounded by our hurts, disappointments, dreams and losses.That Jesus wanted to heal my soul and others, that we could be made whole.  

We must know that Jesus is the Peace for our Pieces. 

Take this journey with me. God will allow you to be broken and put you back together better than you have ever been. 

Peace with our Pieces...



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